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Writer’s block. Every writer’s WORST nightmare. The two terms that cloud your mind with frustration. Arguably one of the biggest obstacles when writing. I know when I have writer’s block, I just can’t stop thinking about it but I have found various ways to overcome such a struggle that works for me. I would like to mention that this is NOT exclusive to story writers, these tips apply to ALL kinds of writers! Without further ado, I will present a variety of solutions that you can pick from to see what will help you overcome writer’s block.

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  1. Have a break

I can’t be the only one who second-guesses when writing a novel. I feel like this would be very common with first-time writers but this is getting ridiculous. Just the other day, I felt so unmotivated on writing my novel, I decided it would be easier to write an anthology series about random characters based in my world, maybe 100 years or so before the events of my novel. I thought this would be a good but safe way to test whether my world works and the magic system as well as writing about life from a character from each…

I’ve almost finished the first rough draft of my first chapter! It’s looking really good, apart from the fact that it’s completely unedited which is scary but I plan on editing it heavily after I finish as I already have so many ideas bursting out of my mind. It’s been an experience writing over 2000 words for a first chapter but I am also no stranger to incredible amounts of detail. I always worried that I had a problem with it, either being way too detailed or not detailed enough and I feel like that is something a lot of…

Do you ever plan a novel and keep going over the plan and keep on changing what you’ve already written even though it was fine, to begin with, but every time you look at the plan you think you could do better? Yes. And did you read that entire sentence as fast as I did? Maybe so. I can’t be the only one who’s an editing maniac when it comes to writing some form of literature. I find that it mostly takes place during the planning process, maybe even more than the actual piece of writing, although that might be…


Welcome to the World of Stories! I am a regular person who enjoys a bit of writing from time to time! I write about writing and other things.

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